Policies and Procedures

Cats are not permitted.

The Door Lock Combination to the front door will be sent to you via email the Monday before your weekend rental or the Friday before for your week long rental.

BEDS – Please keep all used beds turned down so housekeeping can change them. We launder the sheets off premise and do not want them in the laundry room.

BATH TOWELS –  Please place all used bath towels and wash cloths in laundry room and lay on the drying rack if they are wet for housekeeping to launder. Include the bathroom rugs too.

WHEN USING CLOTHES WASHING MACHINE – Please use a very small amount of detergent is needed!!! Detergent is harmful to our septic system. Simply put clothes in washer, set to desired setting, and turn on. Using advanced settings seems to get error codes from the machine.

Please wash or put dishes in the dishwasher and start dishwasher, dishwasher tabs or detergent is located under the kitchen sink.

Please take all of your perishables from the fridge, even condiments. It is permissible to leave beer behind.

Please make sure all lights and ceiling fans have been turned off when you leave.

Make sure thermostat is turned down to 55 in the winter and A/C is turned off in the summer. Check that the bathroom heaters are turned off fully.

Lock all doors and close all the windows.